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Lady 5 project start!

From management at trucking companies and driver positions to other leading roles in logistics, careers for women in the trucking Industry have grown significantly over the years.

At Truck Five, we believe our women employees are essential to our business growth and our company’s culture which values diversity and inclusion. Hence, we decided to start the project “Lady 5” as a way to encourage the employment of women in the Transportation Industry.

Without falling into the recurrent stereotypes related to women and driving – pink trucks, seductive pictures, men are better drivers, etc. -, our project is meant to show that trucking is not only a man’s world.

We plan on posting pictures every week on our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Our rule is simple! Posting photos of women staff with trucks in Japan.

And of course, as we would also like you to participate in our project, a lot of exciting events and photo contests are coming later!
If you have some suggestions to add some of your originality into our project, you can also leave us a comment on this article.

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